Sharks in Dorset – Summer BRUV Project

21st June 2017 | by

We have some exciting news!!

Sharks in Dorset – Summer BRUV Project

Are you ready for some pretty darned exciting news? Sure? Good! Our post title may have given it away already but we’ve only gone and won funding for a BRUV project!


Hold up, whats a BRUV, we assume some of you cry. Rather than a cockney brethren, BRUV is an acronym for Baited Remote Underwater Video, and you can read about it here.


Who’s got two thumbs and is looking forward to some shark BRUV work?

We are delighted to have won grant funding for a BRUV project from the wonderful people at Sea-Changers. This funding will be spent on building more BRUV units and getting an engine for our trusty Avon rib. We’ll be deploying our BRUVs at several select locations along the Dorset coast to capture footage of our local shark and ray species that will 1) help us to raise their profile (most people don’t even realise that they’re here!) 2) engage the public in their conservation 3) collect data on species distribution and abundance.


Thank you Sea-Changers!


Of course, we won’t just be getting footage of our target species, so we plan to share all of the wildlife data collected with SeaSearch and other interested local stakeholders.


We’re still seeking donations of old and unused GoPro equipment to help us with this project – if you have any cameras, housings, batteries, battery chargers, or SD cards, we’d very gratefully receive them! Simply contact us here to find out where to send your donation.


We can’t wait to get cracking with the project, and start sharing footage with you – check back for updates!!

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