(Complete) BRUV Baited Remote Underwater Video

(Finished) BRUV is an acronym for Baited Remote Underwater Video, and is a piece of equipment that basically allows you to survey for sharks using a camera to catch them instead of a fishing line and hook.

See the BRUV in action

We’ve designed, built, and tested our first BRUV and plan to use it, and several more, to survey for sharks and skates along the Dorset coast. Our BRUV doesn’t just capture shark and skate data though – we report all of the fish that we film to Dorset Seasearch, who use the data to help identify and recommend protected areas to safeguard threatened species, and keep our coasts healthy.

Video placeholder
  • testing the BRUV

  • juvenile corkwing wrasse

Donate Your GoPro!

Want to help us to survey for sharks? Donate your old GoPro equipment!

We’re seeking donations of GoPro equipment for Baited Remote Underwater Visual surveys (BRUVs!) for sharks around Dorset. We have several incredible species using our coast, and sadly many are endangered. To make matters worse, most people don’t even know that they’re here, or that they need help! These sharks need their profile raising, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

If you would like to donate GoPro equipment, please drop us a line to find out how.


Check back for more updates!

This is an ongoing research project and although the weather plays a bit part in how much we can do, we’re going to be taking the BRUV out as much as possible.

So please, check back soon and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more updates!

Keen to learn more? SharkStuff would love to hear from you!

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