Shark Meme Monday #1

3rd May 2016 | by

The inaugural Shark Meme Monday got off to a great start with a whale shark photograph courtesy of Dr. Simon Pierce.

Shark Meme Monday #1

There has only been ONE pregnant whale shark examined by scientists…ever. Dubbed “Mega-Mamma” the female was found to have over 300 pups in her uteri, some so well developed that they were swimming around in the womb. This is a great adaptation for species that roam vast expanses of ocean and may not often bump into a suitable mate.

I'm not always pregnant2

The second meme highlighted just how old (evolutionary speaking) sharks are. It says a lot when a group of animals have survived and thrived for this long, but are now suffering huge population declines around the world – good work humans.

You think I'm old

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