Nice one BRUV!

2nd August 2016 | by

No we're not using a slang greeting term! So what on earth is a BRUV and what has it got do with sharks?

Nice one BRUV!

BRUV is an acronym for Baited Remote Underwater Video and is a piece of equipment that basically allows you to fish for sharks but using a camera to catch them instead of a hook. We’re very pleased to announce that SharkStuff now has it’s very own BRUV, made possible by the proceeds from our recent t-shirt campaign. THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a top!

We carefully designed and sourced the relevant materials and have made a handy diagram of our new addition:


BRUV schematic

SharkStuff’s very own BRUV!


The camera (in our case, our trusty GoPro) captures footage of any animals that come to check out the bait placed in the wire mesh bait box. Because the waters around the UK are generally a little dark and turbid, we added a light to our design to help us see these animals better. It will also enable us to make drops at night when sharks and rays are usually more active! We even added an extra little bait box on the frame itself so that we can use two different kinds of bait to maximise our chances of enticing in our target species.

We tested out our BRUV over the weekend and are ecstatic to report that it works like a dream! We certainly captured some…interesting…wildlife during the test deployment.


We’re planning to use our BRUV (and hopefully several more) to survey for sharks and rays along the Dorset coast, highlighting the diversity that we have here and adding to efforts to get certain areas protected. We look forward to keeping you up to date with our BRUV adventures.

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