Dorset Dorsals – SharkStuff Education Project!

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Education is a core part of SharkStuff’s purpose, as we passionately believe that teaching people about sharks is key to conserving them.

Dorset Dorsals – SharkStuff Education Project!

We are on a mission to change the public perception of sharks in general, and educate a wide audience on the sharks that we have here in the UK, as well as globally. To that end, we have some very exciting news!

We are tremendously pleased to announce that SharkStuff has won grant funding from the Lush Charity Pot scheme to conduct a Dorset-based educational project on sharks and their relatives.

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This project will enable us to:

1) Visit local schools, universities and clubs to give entertaining and informative talks that are sure to enlighten, impassion, and educate, not to mention change a few minds about sharks.

We will provide stimulating lessons on our local species as well as dispelling a few shark myths, and talks will be offered at primary, secondary and tertiary level, including information and advice on how to pursue a career in conservation science for older individuals where requested.

2) Conduct public shark and ray eggcase hunts and beach cleans on Dorset beaches!

We will provide the eggcase ID materials, gloves, bin bags and litter pickers, you will help us to look for eggcases and clean the beach! These guided events will teach you how to identify the different species of shark and ray that are laying eggs along the Dorset coast. All the data gathered will be uploaded to the Shark Trust’s Great Eggcase Hunt portal, helping them to map the distribution of shark and ray species around the UK.

Get Involved:

If you are interested in booking a free talk, please contact us via email at

Eggcase hunts/beach cleans will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages, all you have to do is meet us at the designated place and time. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an appropriate adult.

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