About SharkStuff

SharkStuff is a UK-based Registered Charity (Charity Number 1178013), dedicated to all things shark. We conduct education and research initiatives to benefit sharks, especially those around the UK and even more those found off the coast of our home county, Dorset.

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Mission, Vision, and Charitable Objectives

What we want to achieve and how!

Sharks in the waters of Dorset

Most people don’t know that we have so many incredible species that call our waters home, and even fewer people realise that many of these species are at risk of extinction, and need our help. We’re committed to changing this!

Mission Statement:

“Using education to change perception, and science to save sharks”

Vision Statement:

“Shared Seas, Safe Sharks”

Charitable Objectives:

  • To promote for the benefit of the public the study, conservation and protection of sharks and their habitats.
  • To advance the education of the public in general on the study, conservation and protection of sharks.
  • To advance the education of the public in general (and particularly amongst scientists) on the subject of sharks by conducting scientific research in all aspects of that subject, and for the public benefit, to publish and promote the useful results.
  • To promote humane behaviour towards sharks and educate the public in matters pertaining to shark welfare and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among sharks.

Meet the SharkStuff team

Founders, trustees and volunteers
  • Dr. Georgia Jones

    Founder and Chairperson

    I am a shark and surf loving conservation biologist from the UK, where I earned a Degree in Zoology from Cardiff University and a Masters Degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation from the University of Reading. I have a PhD on great white shark trophic ecology from the University of Sussex.

    Dr. Georgia Jones
  • Chris Jones

    Founder and Secretary

    I work as an Enterprise IT Architect for Siemens Global Services, based on the south coast of the UK.

    Chris Jones
  • Andrew Roberts


    I have been fascinated with coastal and marine habitats since my childhood holidays in Dorset and Pembrokeshire.

    Andrew Roberts
  • David Edwards


    People fondly (I like to think, though likely in error) call me Ed. I’m a Staffordshire born creative designer and periodic research assistant. My love of sharks predates my earliest memory and I’m currently in the process of combining this passion with my interest in videogame design and related technologies.

    David Edwards
  • Georgina Roberts

    Former Porbeagle Project Officer

    "Shark stuff, SCUBA, snorkelling and the sea, are just some of the things that describe me”. I graduated from Bangor University, Wales, with a BSc in Marine Biology/ Zoology, and went on to graduate with an MSc in Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

    Georgina Roberts


Partners, collaborators, supporters and organisations we give data to

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