Chris Jones Founder and Secretary

I work as an Enterprise IT Architect for Siemens Global Services, based on the south coast of the UK. That’s basically a posh way of saying I help a big business ensure its IT portfolio fits together well and works seamlessly.

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I’ve worked my way up from the very bottom (I did start as a cleaner), I gained experience on customer service help desks with Siemens Communications before moving to the Corporate IT function.

I spent years working on large scale IT projects, implementing ERP systems for new acquisitions and managed the roll out of new mobile applications to large teams of engineers. I now work in IT strategy and get involved in all sorts of projects from digital video interview services to cloud storage solutions.

Siemens is a massive global company, made up of 9 divisions in industries as diverse as Wind Power & Renewables, Healthcare, even Financial services. My customers are those Siemens divisions and I help provide solutions that make their businesses run. So what’s an Enterprise IT architect doing as a founder of a shark Charity? Well, it’s a very natural step when you fall in love with a shark scientist.

Through my love of paddle boarding and rock climbing I met Georgia and was immediately impressed and inspired by her passion and enthusiasm for all things shark. I’ve had first hand pleasure of watching SharkStuff grow from humble beginnings as a WordPress PhD blog, to a well followed Facebook group and now to a small legally constituted charity. It’s now grown to a point where I believe I can contribute and help SharkStuff make a difference.

My personal shark experience, although limited, is perhaps more than the average UK resident. I’ve been lucky enough to join Georgia and a scientific research team for a morning white shark research trip in Gansbaai South Africa, where I also got the chance to cage dive with the sharks being studied. I was involved in a cat shark release dive in Malta and am always on the hunt for elasmobranch egg cases with Georgia at our local beach.

Though I can’t claim to be any kind of scientist, I hope to bring a different set of skills to help drive, promote and make SharkStuff a success and ensure our vision of “Shared Seas, Safe Sharks.”

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