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The shark world is a big one and it can be daunting when trying to find information. We've collected a few useful links, to help you get started!

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Eco-tourism Providers

Fantastic tours with fantastic shark people!

Eco-tourism is one of the best ways to learn about sharks and also make a contribution to ongoing research and conservation studies. So if you’re looking for a responsible shark eco-tourism operator – we’ve got you covered. We only recommend organisations that we have personal experience with, so you’re guaranteed that they’re good!

Volunteering Opportunities

We can thoroughly recommend all of these wonderful organisations!

Perhaps you want to learn about somewhere awesome to volunteer and gain experience with sharks. The following organisations are often looking for people just like you, and we can tell you from experience that they’re all great places!

Shark Advocacy and Information

Organisations to support and learn from

If you’re looking to support truly hard working and impactful organisations, you’ve come to the right place! These guys fight hard for sustainable shark policies and management. They’re also great sources of shark information and all the latest shark conservation news!

Marine Jobs

Are you looking for a job in the marine sector?

Check out the WiseOceans job page for opportunities around the world!

Keen to learn more? SharkStuff would love to hear from you!

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