Shark Meme Monday #2

19th May 2016 | by

Shark Meme Monday #2 meme round-up!

Shark Meme Monday #2

We’re very pleased that the Shark Meme Monday campaign is garnering attention from some our favourite shark scientists and shark fans around the globe. We’re particularly pleased to discover that our very first meme was featured at the recent 4th International Whale Shark Conference in Doha, Qatar!

I'm not always pregnant2

This meme was featured at the 4th International Whale Shark Conference!

Our first meme of Shark Meme Monday #2 was supplied through the Facebook page and gave us all a good chuckle! Sharks (white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) in particular) are legendary for their sense of smell, which they use to help them locate prey. They smell in stereo – using the time delay between detecting a smell in each of their nostrils to tell them which direction the source of the odour is in. Clever sharkies. I can tell you that I definitely do not love the smell of seals – the colony that live on Dyer Island, South Africa absolutely honk! Peeeeeew.

Sharks Love the Smell of Seals


Our second meme was contributed by SharkStuff Founder Chris Jones and was based on one of his all-time favourite sharks – the shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus). Mostly known for their incredible swimming speed capabilities, these sharks also have an impressive diet – including swordfish! It’s not uncommon to find adult makos with bits of swordfish bill sticking out of them – ouch. It must be worth it to these fiesty fish though.

Good in a sword fight 2

We’d love for to you to take part in our Shark Meme Monday campaign! The details on how to do so are here. All of the memes are shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages – you can like and share them too to help spread shark awareness and education.

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